Leadership Hirining

A specialized search and selection arm of Career Net Solutions leadership hiring places people with strong leading and innovative skills within a business, with the intention to reach designated goals of the organization. A strong leader is an essential human component within any business. A leader is innovative and adds value to the business with out-of-the-box thinking. Within an organization, leaders occupy the top executive positions.
Following a systematic and structured approach, the team follows a target-oriented and proactive approach to understand the need of the client and match it with the best possible placement. Here is a brief outline of the leadership hiring process followed.

1. Organization Understanding: We strive to understand the structure, goals and intentions, and future plans of the organization.
2.Target Search: After mapping the incumbent competencies needed, we begin the search for the right executive. A custom search strategy is established and initiated.
3. Identifying People: The team identifies potential top executives and we move towards creating a list of people. This list is shown to the client and only after approval, we move towards initiating contact with them.
4. Evaluation: An initial reference checked is carried out and the shortlisted candidates are pursued, apprising them of the available opportunity and understanding their level of interest.
5. Interview: Candidates finalized in the previous stage are called for the interview. Further background checks are conducted and pre-joining concerns are addressed.